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Monday, April 12, 2010

Mother of invention

For now, we have a fix for the rotting of our barbecue grill chimney, reported here last night:


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Nice trick. Maybe they could do that to Roy's knee, too.

Good Lord.....just be done with it already. Help our flailing economy and buy a new Weber, one of the few products still made in the USA I believe.

I have a Traeger, but I think even they have now sent there manufacturing over to China. Too bad, Traegers are one heckuvuh machine.

You forgot the duct tape. :)

I'd like it for my glass work. Think of it as a campaign contribution. Or not.

Did you turn that in to the web site There I Fixed It?http://thereifixedit.com/

A lawyer's solution, to be sure.

I hope you got a permit and inspections for that project.

But more importantly, your dilapidated barbeque may be an eyesore and in violation of a nuisance code.

Piles of garbage or junk stored outside

Don't be surprised if Randy sends out an inspection team to shut you down.

Around my house we use an old coffee with the bottom removed and a pair of pliers to lift the thing out.

There you go, gettin' all sustainable on us!

Pretty ingenious solution. You could also use a couple sheet metal screws or a couple pop rivets.

I can hear the theme from The Red Green Show from here. "This week on Handyman's Corner, we're going to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow with a couple of spare Toyota transmissions and a windshield wiper!"

The CoP isn't inspecting nuisance violations any more, such as abandoned vehicles or other junk. They've laid off too many people and don't have the manpower.

Therefore, enjoy your frugal bbq fix!

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