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Friday, April 2, 2010

Moss on your roof, in Portland?

Just leave it there and send the city a bill for $5 a square foot.

And if there's no moss yet, all you need is buttermilk.

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An Eco roof reduces runoff by 70%!

My guess, they are using Banker's math to arrive with that number.

Okay, I want a herd of elk on mine, it will make hunting season so much easier. Dang, these folks take stupid to an art form.

As Ron White says, "You can't fix stupid."

Hey Abe,
Your roof does not reduce run-off, it just delays it. At 8.3lbs a gallon if your roof held and 'reduced' the run-off, you would soon be looking at sky. Few roofs can withstand the weight, and unless you spent a pile of cash reinforcing it, yours would collapse. Thanks for the misleading "eco-tip".

Support Bioswales!!!

Come on people, do some creative thinking!
Oh so green mossy sidewalks, a calm quiet mossy green street!

ROTFLMAOCOPTER Green mossy Tram and Street car! Just for the price of Butter milk!

Go by Chia-Tram?

Appreciating living in Beaverton more and more.....

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