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Monday, April 19, 2010

Lost child story lost

Am I just not paying close enough attention, or have the mainstream media here in Oregon been missing this story?

UPDATE, 3:50 p.m.: Apparently the case is taking place in Lane County.

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Remember the unofficial slogan at the O: "If it's news inOregpn, it's news to us."

Another example by the state of what NOT to do.

Once again DHS proves itself to be insane in how it is run. As for the O, they constantly defend DHS so why would they pick this story up?

The insanity of the whole fiasco aside....
They can take your kid from you for not wearing his or her bike helmet?? WTF?

The DHS appears to be a dysfunctional agency since at least the 70's. I lived in a Co-op house with a person who worked there and the stories were scary. They have enormous power wielded (then at least) by individuals whom I would characterize as unfit to use such power. The real scary part is to the child, whom they supposed to be protecting.

The term that comes to me is gulag.

At least the PPD will put you down quickly...

My wife deals regularly with DHS through her job. They have serious serious problems. Keep your kids close.

Hey now, they know whats best for the children. Its in the best interests of the child for the DHS to care for them. Bike helmet today, stubbed toe tomorrow!

This doesn't surprise me too much, most "child services" agencies have been out of control for years. He's visiting his "step-dad" from another country? Well, thats just not proper. Father's are only for paying child support and college bills, not raising their kids and spend time with them.

I'm sure we'll next hear that the young gentleman has chosen to repudiate his Canadian citizenship and parents due to them forcing him to not wear a bike helmet and we have to help support him and the DHS fighting for his rights.

So this kid was taken because he wasnt wearing a bike helmet?
Holy cow, the parents in my neighborhood better hope DHS doesnt drive through one day. In my 17 years there, I have yet to see a kid riding a bike with a helmet on. And this is even when the local schools give them away every year.

And yet this is the same agency that sends kids (US citizens) to Mexico to live with people they never met.

Kinda reminds me of the infamous Gabriel Allred case.
How Goldberg managed to keep his job after that one is anybodies guess.

. . . oh yeah - I forgot where I was - my bad.

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