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Thursday, April 29, 2010

I've had girlfriends like that

The New York Times is going to take your money because that will make you love it more.

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Guess they didn't learn the lesson the failure of thier first paywall (TimesSelect) taught them.

Pretty strange definition of loyalty if you ask me. If I was subscribing to pay TV I'm sure I'd feel ****ed if I didn't watch it at every opportunity.

Of course, instead of paying for "Obligation TV" I just can't afford anyway, we wing it with the antenna. Content really isn't better or worse, and we wind up watching less TV anyway, so there's a bonus.

"metered model is not just about training users to pay"

He should get a govt job, he'd be perfect with that attitude.

Is the whole site going to be pay-for?

The Times resources were a valuable list of sites for reporters to research stories. I will miss it, but I can now search and find all the same info. What would I pay for the convenience of having that content at my fingertips? - - Maybe $1.00 per month.

The NY Times' logic seems faulty to me. I've made monthly mortgage payments to our bank for years, and I don't feel any emotional connection with it yet.

I guess that's why all politicians promise to raise taxes, too, huh? What kind of bizarro-capitalist economic theory are they subscribing to? How delusional. Obviously, the Gray Lady is now certifiably demented.

If the NYT wants me to spend more of my valuable time on its site, they can damn well pay me!

BTW:Mea culpa on using the word in my first comment that was asterisked out. My mistake. Apologies: should have known better.

Is the whole site going to be pay-for?

My understanding is yes, it will, but there will be a certain number of articles you can read for free each day (or week). The paywall is aimed at heavy users. If all you want to do is keep up with, say, Thomas Friedman, you will be able to do that without paying. This addresses his (and other columnists') complaint about TimesSelect -- that they were losing thousands of loyal readers who didn't subscribe (notably in third world countries where US$50 per year is steep even for the "middle class").

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