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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Isn't that cute

Gatsby's wearing jeans.

His buddies in the Hamptons must think he's so quaint.

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"Stand tall for Oregon."

That would be a good slogan if he were running against Steve Novick.

Black belt with jeans and a blue oxford shirt? Fashion fail.

I love how his campaign page stresses that his twins were born in Oregon. Yes, and then promptly whisked away to their real home in Manhattan.

How delightfully West Coast.

I love the "Town Hall meeting in every county" jazz . . . Gee, Ron, how about a couple/three meetings per state Legislative district, so that people actually have a chance to attend in proportion to their numbers. I realize that it's much more pleasant for you to hold the same number of town halls in Lake County as in the counties like Multnomah and Lane, but it's kind of stupid.

But Jack, he addressed it to you by first name. So sincere and personal!

That's because I'm friends with the people at BlueOregon. They built Ron's website, but they speak only for themselves.

Wyden looks like he just returned from a fly fishing trip with ex-gov Kitzhaber. All he lacks is a large belt buckle and a real interest in Oregon's welfare.

He's got the money now, though.

Fashion Fail is right. I always thought "jeans with a tie & sport coat" made you look like you were dressed by a blindfolded monkey.

Funny. I got the same e-mail, except he was wearing cargo pants.

Fashion Fail is right. I always thought "jeans with a tie & sport coat" made you look like you were dressed by a blindfolded monkey.

You can pull off that look, but you need a good brown belt, not a black one.

Also I wonder how the shoes round out the ensemble. Maybe he should have taken off the blazer and held it with one hand slung back over the shoulder preferably with the tie loosened and the shirt sleeves rolled up.

What can you say - He gets his fashion tips from Harry Reid.

Besides how is someone from his home district of NY supposed to know what an Oregonian looks like - Since Ron doesn't any more?

"It's about creating good jobs right here at home."

Remind me again how many non-govt jobs Ronnie has ever created here?

Needs a cowboy hat

And he has new teeth too! I know his dental surgeon.
That really is a million dollar smile!
re: the jeans; Maybe he is trying to look like Kitz.

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