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Saturday, April 17, 2010

If Portland wants to be more Euro...

... how about blowing up backroom sweetheart deals with developers?

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I've never figured out, what's up with the reflexive Euro-bashing? Is it code for something in particular?

It's not reflexive. The City Council of Portland and its minions sell many of its wasteful development projects as ways for the city to emulate other cities: Barcelona, Amsterdam, Vancouver, B.C., etc. I didn't start it.

Portland, and Sam Adams, frequently refers to Amsterdam as a model of what Portland should be more like (while he turns it more into a San Francisco).

When it really comes out what Amsterdam is like...then they pick another city, but always in Europe - like Copenhaven.

Speaking of which, here's how people get around in Amsterdam:


Notice: It's not a bike, it's not even a streetcar. It's an articulated trolleybus.

But what I don't get is why -- apart from the proponents and the boondoggles, which would happen no matter what goal Adams and others spouted -- it's the "Euopean-ness" of any proposals that seems to be the derogatory shorthand. I guess it just reminds me of Don Rumsfeld's denunciation of "old Europe" and the "freedom fries" thing and the people who fly off the handle when they see a smart car.

Frankly, I kind of like Amsterdam and London.

There's nothing "apart from the proponents and the boondoggles." That's all it is. Europe is lovely, but when the Goldschmidt people start talking about it, hold on to your wallet.

So, Jack...Are you suggesting we call in the U.N.?

I think we have to get ourselves designated as some king of 'World Heritage Site' in order to get them to step in. Do you really want to go down that road?

I heard that the U.N. is some kind of alien conspiracy...

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