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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to stay out of the Army

Cheeseburgers and pizza every day.

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Twas ever thus -- we don't care about health until it's a threat to the military . . . Not many recall that the original school lunch program was started in WWII because there were so many recruits being graded 4F because of things like rickets. When the Army complained, suddenly getting kids at least one square meal on school days became an issue.

The military hasn't been the only one complaining, they just have the muscle to get heard.

What is the military complaining about??

If you go to the average Army base, even in far off outposts in Iraq and Afghanistan, you will find McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Baskin-Robbins outlets.

(And how heartwarming it must be for mothers of some deceased American troops to know that their children died defending convoys of RedBull and ice cream bound for their comrades in arms.)

Kinda a sad statement on this country, first of all that we have a nation full of overweight couch potatoes. And second, that the biggest concern, is that it would prevent them from becoming cannon fodder. Sad indeed.

I believe the First Lady was harping about the "to fat to serve" issues awhile back also.

As basketball great John Havlicek once said: "If all you eat is hamburgers and donuts, you'll play like hamburgers and donuts."

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