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Friday, April 23, 2010

Have a great weekend

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Jack: I know you have seen this entire show from Roy, it doesn't get any better, all who joined him are so well known, the music makes you smile, it made me cry, it took me clear back to my 8th grade graduation dance, and the first slow dance with an old girl friend, who has been a good friend for years, now friends with my wife.

This is music at it's best, no F-WORDS,no politics, pure American music at it's best.

I have watched this performance 20 times,I never tire of it.


It was Roy's birthday.

Great stuff, but I always wonder how the sound people can achieve a good live sound when there are 8 people on guitar.

None - It's really easy - the engineer listens to the different tracks (presuming each guitar is either plugged in or miked to a separate channel), then turns down anyone that sounds like crap.

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