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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Genius in our midst

Welcome to Portland, Pat Metheny.

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That hair! Jack, have you been playing with Photoshop again??

Minuano from Still Life (Talking) is a favorite of mine. It takes me to a different place.

Two words: Secret Story.

Pat is a prolific treasure, and has been for decades. Secret Story is but one of his amazing bodies of compositional (with Lyle Mays) and performace work. Check out some of the DVDs - I particularly like The Way Up and Speaking of Now. I'm sorry I'll miss this new adventure of his, though I'm sure it will be outstanding.

I remember seeing him at Euphoria Tavern more than 30 years ago. He shook everybody's hand at the front door after the show.

It's got to be the guitar.

That's got to be the reason for that amazing hair.

I've recently took up the bass, but I fear that it may be too late for me. Well, for my bangs, anyway.

Letter from Home: one of my favorite instrumentals ever.

I love Pat Metheny and Keith Jarrett so much, yet they both leave the Mrs. cold -- which mystifies me. Just check out "Pat Recommends" ... listen to his recommended artists while reading his recommended books. A pretty good undergrad education there just in the books.

Leave it to Pat to follow the impossible!


The Euphoria! I remember that place with the Holy Modal Rounders,with Teddy Dean, Ewing light show, the song "Euphoria" that the Rounders wrote for their return to the tavern. I photographed their return performance, mostly with the camera held above my head upside down while getting crushed by the dancers.

Euphoria one night, the Earth Tavern the next.

One of our part of the world's *Living Treasures* Over thirty years on here, too, Jack. Thanks! Among many exquisite pieces, esp. dig "As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls"

Amazing in a dark room, or riding on a highway at night, or....

Part 1
Part 2

Nice hat!

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