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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Enjoy Willamette Park while you can

We've previously blogged about how the Portland water bureau is going to take a chunk of Willamette Park for a water pumping station. Now comes news that the city has a Portland State study group working on "future alternatives" for the park. Apparently what goes on there now just isn't good enough.

Some days it seems that all of our city is being turned into a big Portland State "planning" term paper. What an insane way to run a city government.

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A "Master Plan" for Willamette Park? For any park? Good grief. It's a park w/ some ball fields and a boat launch. It's really not that complicated.

There must be more productive things to do with our time.

Clicking on one of those links leads to a page with this: "The Willamette Park User Survey is now closed. Thank you for your participation! Stay tuned for the results!"

Why does it always happen like that?

Notice the well written English from our fair city?

"Check out there project website for background information."

or maybe they mean ...the project website there... at the park?

Anyway, Willamette Park has been pretty much a free parking lot for Macadam businesses for years, although it seems to me they actually installed parking meters of a sort recently. Maybe they could use WP as a park and ride for a tram / streetcar connection.

It's a park w/ some ball fields and a boat launch. It's really not that complicated.

Not so. There are toilets.

Saw a great graffito: symbolic park sign with two stick figures on a teeter-totter, upon which was scrawled, "FSBO".

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