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Friday, April 16, 2010

Corporate weasels at their worst

Firing someone for doing too much volunteer work, then touting the person as a star employee for it, in the company's marketing materials.

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Who ever fired that nurse has a star position in state government just waiting for them.

...and fired via e-mail yet! What a lousy place to work!
Does that hospital kick out its patients before they are well too?

Look no further than fine Portland law firms for doing this same thing. Usually, it is a female 3-4 yr associate who the partners are unhappy with, but who has expressed interest in pro bono work as a way to keep her soul. She is made "pro bono coordinator" or some such thing, exploited to get said firm a nod by some organization for their commitment to pro bono, then forced out or told she will not make partner.

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