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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coming soon to Portland: corporate parks

They've been talking for years about selling off naming rights to public parks in Portland. Zsa Zsa and Grimwad had that train on the tracks and all warmed up before the plan got too much attention a few years ago. But in these days with Mayor Creepy suddenly crying about cash flow problems, you know it'll be back (along with selling off school property and the water system to the highest bidders). Here's some precedent from Tokyo involving a familiar name:

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Old news in the US, unfortunately. For example:


Sam Adams should get naming rights for the men's bathroom at the top of Washington Park.

TriMet is selling off assets and cnabilizing their general fund to run and expand rail transit.
The Board and management that runs TriMet is identical to City Hall.

When John Charles gives his thorough testimony on the tate of their finances and imminent collapse they have not a sinlge question.

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