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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Late-stage Rasheed Wallace on the Boston Celtics.

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Yes, there is much truth in this piece and no peace in this truth. The season has been painful to watch from a distance. Only the heroics of RayA preserved last Sunday's victory over the LeBrons: 'Sheed toiled so concertedly to lose it.

Did Doc ever really believe he could control and redirect the infection?

Sheed was my favorite of the Jail Blazers.

Bring him back!

Wow, Danny Ainge made a bad trade?!?!?!

'Sheed reverts to character once again.

His best day -- I think he had one -- was long, long ago. Great article, btw. Thanks.

Sheed was signed as a free agent, not acquired via a trade. But, still, yeah, a bad pickup for the Celts.

That was a pretty thorough dump. I didn't need that much evidence. I just never liked the guy.

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