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Monday, April 19, 2010

Big chance for Portland police

Well, Scott Westerman's conclusively out as head of the Portland police union. Here's a chance for the rank and file to show the public that it deserves to regain its trust. How about putting a calm, experienced, reasonable "good cop" in charge of the union? Leave the arrogant hotheads with personal issues and checkered pasts on the sidelines for a while. Just a thought.

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What's the over/under on how many day's until Westerman files for disability?

Well, I'm actually -- reluctantly -- somewhat impressed. A Portland cop who actually takes responsibility for his behavior? Amazing.

And long, long overdue.

Did he have a choice? His version of the road rage story is not credible, and perhaps this will put an end to the nagging questions about what he really did in that case.

Has anybody offered an explanation for Westerman's bizarre stalking of those Smart car people?

** cue Outer Limits theme music **

I wonder what that job announcement would look like at this point....

So now Westerman will return to the street? I don't know if that's better or worse than keeping him in the union leader role where he drives a desk, has little interaction with the public (recent exceptions duly noted) and shoots off nothing but his mouth.

Me needs to get me a "We are all Scott Westerman" T-shirt.

I am slightly conflicted when it comes to Westerman. His defense of policemen "right or wrong" was deplorable, especially since he seemed to want to get out in front of and spin every incident before all the facts were known("the officer was in full retreat. The perpetrator had a knife I've seen it!"). The whole "I am Christopher Humphries" protest was a slap in the face to Portlanders and counterproductive in terms of improving relations between the police and the citizenry.

But Westerman was also the only public figure to openly criticize the Mayor and ask for his resignation. When faced with an equally damning situation he followed his own advise and stepped down. I may not have liked the way he acted as the union boss, but at least he did the right thing when faced with the choice of putting himself or his constituency first.

We could only wish that our Mayor would have that kind of integrity.

Cue up the next moronic bastard to head the union. Stan Peters was the autocratic jerk in charge of the union when I arrived here long ago.

What I have ascertained over the years that one of the job duties of the union chief is to protect all cops, even the really dirty, really bad cops. That's what the rank and file mandates. If they change, the job will change.

Oh, I agree, Jack, that Westerman's story wasn't even remotely credible.

But then again, very few of the cops' stories in the highly controversial shootings in recent years have been credible, either.

And they're all still on the job. So color me surprised still that Westerman actually resigned his police union job.

Although as somebody pointed out earlier, he just might return to the street. Ugh!!!!

Did Soooeyyy apologize to the couple? I don't see a sorry to them in his statement.

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