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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Apple cop raid upsets many

I'm not the only one. (NSFW.)

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Speaking of TOTALLY NSFW responses to official abuse of power, here's a little ditty about The Church (TM) that ought to be up for at least 30 seconds more, if you hurry.

More f-bombs per minute than any other performance piece in history.

This is very not safe for work. Do not click on the link if you do not like obscene language or "low-brow" humor. The repetitiveness is actually part of what made me LOL.

Also, spineless, soulless Google (first don't be evil - my ass) may very soon take this down when someone complains. See it sooner or maybe never.


I absolutely love the iPhone. In 100 years, historians are going to look back on the iPhone as the defining product/invention of our generation. Yes. I'm serious. :)

But umm yeah, Apple's recent attack on Gizmodo just proves what everyone assumes. Steve Jobs is a huge d**k.

The AP and other news orgs asked a judge today to unseal the search warrant:

Sorry, it was the search warrant affidavit that was requested to be unsealed:

"Court documents spelling out the legal reasons for a search are usually made public within 10 days, but the affidavit supporting the April 23 raid remains sealed."

"[Gizmodo editor Jason] Chen's lawyer, Thomas Burke of Davis Wright Tremaine in San Francisco, said in a recent interview with the AP that a search warrant should never have been issued because Chen is a journalist and his home is his newsroom. California law protects journalists from such searches."

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