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Friday, April 30, 2010

All you need to read

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I have the feeling that Homer and I would disagree on the definition of the word "balance".

If I were Homer Williams, I'd crawl into a hole somewhere far away. And if I were Dan Saltzman, I might take Homer's money, but I'd get as far away from him as possible. The fact that these two guys are still going with this line confirms that there's something seriously wrong in our city.

depends on what his definition of is is

OMG, That is what my mother would call hutzpah. That is like Monica Lewinsky endorsing Bill Clinton because he is such a father figure.

Balance is Homer taking the profits if the deal works and the city taking the losses if they don't. Kind of like GM/CITI/AIG but on local scale.

"Dan Saltzman is a leader"

You lost me after that.

Dan Saltzman is not a leader. He is a shameless marionette for the city's powerful development interests, which include, most notably, Homer Williams.

What do Homer Williams, Merritt Paulson, Dean Marriott, City Center Parking and others have in common with Saltzman?

They all contributed to Adams campaign as well.

What is even more telling is when you look at Nick Fish's list.

Looks like the incumbents are getting the original form of "public campaign financing". They get contracts from the city and use your money to keep the incumbents in office.

Saltzman makes a big deal in his campaign about not taking more than $ 500 from any contributor, and about voluntarily limiting his fund raising even though he is not taking public funds.

Saltzman took a $ 500.00 check from Dame individually; he took a $ 500.00 check from Williams individually, and he took a $ 500.00 corporate check from the Dame / Williams development outfit.

Its not quite the structured transaction which has landed Tom Moyer in such trouble, but it has unmistakeable whiffs of sleeze, IMHO, and sure puts the lie to Saltzman's feigned air of fundraising innocence.

John Rettig, perhaps your disagreement is not over "balance" but rather with "livability," a polysemous term for which Mr Williams and Mr Saltzman, among so many others, have not been required to provide a functional definition?

Shrivel. Quake. Wither. Tremble.
Maalox dreaming...So-What screaming....

Night terrors grip the sane populace as the figment of Adams' re-election becomes palpable...


Every day I think of the family's new destination. Thinking Vancouver. (BC).

Mayor Katz gave Homer everything he wanted. From the Pearl to SoWa, it's all Homer all the time.

Yet, where is the SoWa 30% set-aside for affordable housing required in the development agreement approved by Vera, Dan, Randy, Eric and Jim and signed by Homer and OHSU? Homer ran out of money, the condo's aren't selling. Yet the City kept it's part of the bargain from the tram, to a streetcar, to construction of green streets.

If the city did not hold up it's end of the agreement, taxpayers would be on the hook for $20 million in a law suit.

Saltzman...a leader? of what?
He's just Homer's poodle.

Now, now Mary, you don't expect the City Council to bite the hands that feeds their election campaigns.

Yet, where is the SoWa 30% set-aside for affordable housing required in the development agreement approved by Vera, Dan, Randy, Eric and Jim and signed by Homer and OHSU?

Don't ya know this hundred-rear economic tsunami changed all the rules?

Not only all that, he'll take children hostage, too.

All that 'For The Children' hooey is merely poseur antics.

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