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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Willamette Park pumping station site revealed

Our blog post of yesterday about the new water pumping station in Willamette Park appears to have led to this internet posting by David Shaff, the head of the Portland water bureau. The new entry also contains a map, purporting to show approximately where in the park the new building will go:

Here's some more detail of that area, courtesy of Google:

Since the new station is supposed to be one and half times the capacity of the old one, which sits on 6,000 square feet, we'll leave it to readers to think about whether the new facility will be as non-intrusive as the Shaff map suggests. Won't our sudden obsession with water security require a barbed-wire fence and armed guards around it?

Comments (7)

I volunteer to build it for only $10 million if Creepy is recalled and Randy Leonard resigns and moves to Nova Scotia.

Pretty certain they will have to take out the current restrooms in order to use that location. Those would be the restrooms nearest the jungle gym, picnic area, soccer field, and swing set/slide. Maybe we could install some new Rand-y-Loos there? The only alternative restrooms are near the boat launch.

Since Mr. Shaff Reads your blog Jack, I'd really appreciate his thoughts on how this $1 billion, paid for industry, landowners and Portland's sewer and utility ratepayers. In this upcoming bill 2012 will be paid for.



There are 2 restrooms on site now with 125sq.ft. storage attached.

Part of the Ordinance agreement includes expanding that to 4 unisex restrooms (for summer concert peak use) and 400 sq.ft. of storage as a replacement. This will result in improved and expanded facilities that should be year-round instead of seasonal.

The intent is to have the parks facilities attached to our structure, though Parks has the option during the design to have detached. Parks will be responsible for interior maintenance and janitorial. PWB will be responsible for structural maintenance, if part of the pump station.

David Shaff, Administrator
Portland Water Bureau

How about a castle motif with crenelated towers and a mote, with crocodiles, in addition to the concertina wire of course.
Come on Mr. Shaff, can't you make the project more expensive and intrusive in keeping with the goals of all the other departments in the city?
You ought to try and improve moral in you department. Those poor people are miserable!


I noticed you haven't commented on the up coming 1 Billion dollar bill. Clark County save me a place.

David Shaff, isn't it obvious that the present bathrooms could be open year round- that it is merely a matter of the parks bureau not paying to keep them open? It really isn't a benefit of this project-the opportunity is there now. And what guarantees that the new bathrooms (the present ones were replaced just six years ago)will be opened year-round after your project?

Another question, is it good policy to use park land for storage; using 400 sq.ft., and having that mass (20 ft x 20 ft) in the park?

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