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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Urban renewal" blows up in Oregon City

There were multiple problems, but the phrase "lifestyle center mall slated for the former landfill site next to Home Depot" says it all for me.

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Former land fill? Kinda like the former pit mine that Bridgeport Plaza by LO was put on?

No problemo...

Now that Costco neighbor, that is some bad stuff. Who wants all those people from Costco going to your lifestyle center?

Kinda like the former pit mine - This is the same guy that did Bridgeport, so yes.

Considering what the propery was before, he didn't do too bad with it and a heckuva lot better than LO did with that piece of wedding cake they built downtown.

I think it was a combo of the bad market conveniently allowing him to wait out the economy.

Bridgeport didn't take any Urban Renewal money. It was entirely private funding.

Oregon City created, under the usual false pretenses, a $100 million UR district for their venture.
I hope it flops big time and the city council gets booted.

If they want that site developed they can open up the zoning for any proposal, and /or get voter approval for a new tax to fund their private development scheme.

Either way, stop lying.

Landfill, eh? Guess those folks living there would have more than Radon to worry about!

lifestyle center mall (required components, in random order):

(a) Starbucks (or Peet's Coffee, whatever)
(b) women's upscale boutique clothing (or jewelry)
(c) something to do with pets
(d) dentist or nails or health/care related
(e) real estate office or mortgage lending
(f) Verizon Wireless
(g) empty storefront
(h) empty storefront
(i) empty storefront
(j) restaurant where you do need resv
(h) restaurant where you don't need resv
(i) obscure / nonretail (cpa, attorney, consulting)

Bridgeport was privately developed by Bruce Wood who was with Opus Northwest. After successfully completing Bridgeport Village it was sold to CenterCal.

CenterCal was a developer. Opus and CenterCal joint ventured.

Centercal is a front for the California Retired Teachers Pension fund. I hope those retired teachers get their pensions. Bridgeport is looking pretty empty these days.

"Bridgeport is looking pretty empty these days." Have you driven up Broadway lately? More empty storefronts than I've seen in over 20 years.

Broadway is emptier than 30 years ago, during the 80-81 recession. And it will get worse. That is why a perpetual urban renewal downtown district(s0 will always be in effect.

I had been teasing my Oregon City friends about their coming "Old Dump Village Mall" for a couple of years now...

Bridgeport didn't take any Urban Renewal money. It was entirely private funding.

I am hardly a fan of Bridgeport because it doesn't suit my style (I don't drive a $60,000 car, I have to work during the day and it's impossible to find a parking space in the evening, and frankly I hate paying full price for grossly overrated brands from snobby salespersons I can buy in Woodburn much, much cheaper minus the attitude)...but at least the developers bought land from the county, took formerly tax-exempt property and put it back on the property tax rolls, developed it, paid for it (without using public funding) and successfully developed a brownfield without handouts.

So...in that sense, Bridgeport is a shining success of what so many other projects (namely, the Pearl District and South Waterfront) should be.

That said...my wife forced me to go to Bridgeport a week or two ago (we walked in all of one store - Borders - but we had to park on the top deck of the parking garage on the opposite side of the center), and frankly it was pretty busy, lots of cars, lots of people, no boarded up storefronts. And I bought a few items off of Border's clearance racks, total of less than $10.

ODOT just finished a major project near there to fix Highway 213 as it skirts the eastern edge of the old landfill. Every ten years or so they have to go in and flatten the road out again because the swamp beneath it keeps settling. It's the third time in just short of 30 years that they've had to go in and do this. Eventually the Home Depot that's located on the site will start sinking into the swamp too. There's no telling how long the mall would last. What a dumb idea.

Wouldn't it be cheaper for them to buy the old Oregon City mall, blow it up and put their thing right there? Of course this isn't about cheap.

Whatever is done there another stupid city council should not be playing big shot developer with taxpayer money.

They suck at at and never face any consequences for their lousy decisions.
They just have their bureaucrats spin out BS to sustain themselves and whatever agenda they push.

That's what Urban Renewal has become and it's fraud through and through.

Telling the public their "plan" generates the money is among many blatant falsehoods used to perpetuate this scheme making. The money they play with ALWAYS comes from skimming from surrounding property taxes over decades. ALL of which then has to be replaced in order to fund the rising costs of basic services.


As For Bridgeport, it's auto oriented and it's always bussling with movie goers, restaurant patrons and shoppers.

Just like the Crossings in Beaverton, which is just down the street from the heavily subsidized MAX served flop called the Round.

We live in a phony and corrupted region with rare demonstration of integrity in public office.

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