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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Think Portland is the nanny state?

It could be worse.

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Well, if inside Portland, you have trees to cut, do it before July 1, 2010 or you may be in fora rude awakening.

What's happening July 1 2010?

The UK is out of control. We see it in all aspects of their politics, from surveillance cameras everywhere to silly gun control laws that don't work. They are punishing their law abiding citizens by removing all their rights, and in the meantime they are expanding the rights of criminals. Something seems weird about this method of thinking. We are mildly stepping in this direction, however they are decades ahead of us, I hope.

They make great television though!

It can happen here! Look at the history of the animal rights movement in the US and Portland over just the last 30 years. Compare some of our older school buildings and school finance with the Humane Society and other animal rights groups. Check out the Humane Society's lovely building; and their endowment. And animal rights is just one issue. There are many others.

If we don't vote for better people than Dan-Randy-Sam we'll look more like the British-or worse.

I like dogs, cats and most animals. But they don't have rights.

What do they do to the college kids that swallow goldfish for fraternity initiation?

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