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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The brains of the operation

It's hard to believe that the story on the Trail Blazers this week is about whether they're going to ditch their general manager, Kevin Pritchard. In tonight's game, the key for Portland was center Marcus Camby, whom Pritchard just picked up in a trade that unloaded two lead sinkers, Travis Outlaw and Steve Blake. I'd say give Pritchard a raise for that alone.

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The Vulcans risk significant fan reaction if they axe Pritchard. Maybe the current 200 plus wait list for season tickets has induced some amnesia about how fast the brand can be compromised. The guy put together an exciting fan friendly team in a few short years of brilliant moves and draft picks, regardless of the hind sight debate about Oden over Durant. But I think Canzano should just shut up about the story because it is probably viewed on Vulcan as a lobbying/negotiating effort on Pritchard's behalf. It's never a good idea to upstage put your billionaire boss or be perceived to be putting him in a box, especially with the current medical issues he has to del with.

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Paul Allen's company is called Vulcan, Inc. Thus his underlings, who are presumed to be doing all the dirty work in pushing Pritchard out, are collectively called "the Vulcans."

I guess my question would be who do you replace Pritchard with? They have short memories since they've alrady forgotten about Whitsitt, Nash and Patterson.

Probably the biggest issue is geting a consistent and reliable 4/5 inside guy. Can't do much about injuries to Pryz/Odne and Aldridge is changing his game to be a softer player, so I don't know if nailing Pritchard for this is fair since those guys aren't available very often.

I don't know if I'd call Outlaw a sinker - once every 5 games or so he was OK.

Mark Warkentien of the Denver Nuggets is the supposed heir-in-waiting.

Don't hate on Steve Blake!!

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