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Sunday, March 14, 2010

That time again

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My non-Irish eyes are already smiling....can't wait for the green beer.

We started early today -- Black Bush shots at high noon!

Time for a six-pack of Guinness!

I could not believe my eyes this morning. Getting gas at 25th and NE Broadway, I noticed a crowd and some police lights flashing. Always the siren chaser, with the family captive, I turned left instead of right. There, a block off of Broadway were pipers in kilts marching by! Then an Irish Wolfhound club, then grampas in old pickups tossing candy, the Oscar Mayer Wiener Wagon, a Greyhound club, lots of funny hats, kids on bikes, a ladder truck from Station 13 (about 8th and Broadway), and more! What a delight! An old friend saw us from across the street and told me that this parade had been going on for 22 years.

And I thought I knew something about NE Portland.

Concord O'Bridge

That's the intersection at which this photo was taken -- 25th and Hancock. It was my family's first attendance at the event as well. A real hoot.

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