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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Once coveted, now unwanted

For a while there, there was hope for the old federal Custom House on Broadway near the Main Post Office in Portland. The next owner for the building was going to be the International School. But now we learn that the school, seeing what it would take to bring the old structure up to snuff, has decided to take a pass. And so it appears that the Custom House can be yours for a very reasonable price.

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Oh no no no Jack. The Custom House is in an Urban Renewal area. Via the PDC, it will be OURS for a very reasonable price.

Here's how it works:

1. PDC will pay a gazillion dollars to buy the building and rehab it so it's LEED Platinum.

2. It will be ready for about 3 times the original budget and rents will be about twice the market rate for Class A space.

3. No one will rent the space.

4. PDC will blame some outside factor like 9/11 or the economy.

5. PDC will move into the building. Some unsexy city bureau will move into PDC's old space.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Wipe hands on pants.

Funny, the first thing that came to my mind was PDC buying it as well. We are doomed.

Nice old structure. We wouldn't want our children anywhere near it in an earthquake.

Hey, you missed the best one on that WEBsite:

"Beaverton plans canal district"

Tell me that boondoggle doesn't have Mazziotti writ large upon it.

I think they should turn it into The Sam Adams Home for Wayward Boys........

I am gonna do PDC's job here ,
Isn't the MultCo Courthouse a
complete wreck? Renovate this handsome building into the new
Green , Siesmic Proof Multco Courthouse and get bazillions of ObamaCash to do it. PDC can give themselves big raises , and wish they were wall st tycoons. Oh , and send my finders fee to :
Sisters of the Road....

Rather than build a new sustainability cathedral in downtown, why not retrofit this great old space as a way of demonstrating that it can be done without starting from scratch . . . a better model for businesses and homeowners who can't afford an entirely new building. An open first floor could include examples of affordable conversions with the information about how to get started, which offices to contact, contractors or artisans (who could pay a monthly fee for the privilege of being listed), etc. It's even on the park blocks.

Sadly, I believe that whatever scheme is in the works relating to the post office property will probably find a way to gobble this property up and integrate it into the same master plan.

There should be a engineering competition for seismic upgrade ideas with the victor getting $50K

There's plenty of unemployed and under employed engineeers and architects out there who could study the building for the least costly and innovative remedies.

Then the site may be more marketable.

But keep the PDC away from it!

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