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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Norwegians wouldn't -- would they?

Is this a hoax?

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They DO have lots of oil money to waste ...

What they didn't tell you was that one had to win the lottery to get in.

The prison is real, unless GE Lighting is going along with the charade(they have a case study on the lighting used there). It seems to fit with their principles of rehab not punishment.

Norwegians, yes. Russians, no.

Wapato Hilton, anyone?

Yumpin' Yiminy!

Hey, without the Norwegians, the Allies might not have won the war.

And supposedly, it might have taken a lot longer to invent the paper clip. A friend at the Norse hall says the Norwegians invented paper clips to be able to keep Norwegian flags on their lapels which they could quickly remove whenever the nazis came around. That way they could recognize fellow resisters and plan their next act of sabotage together.

I'm proud I have a few of their genes via an immigrant grandmother.

Western Europe is far more enlightened than the Feudal States of Amerika!


I had no idea about the paper clip. As a 1/4 Norwegian, I will look at them with great pride from this day forward.

A Norwegian did patent a type of paper clip, but it was a different type than the type that became popular.

But it's true that the paper clip was used as symbol of resistance (easy to remove)

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