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Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Major" soccer league avoids strike

Good news for soccer fans -- the American "major" soccer league and its players have reached an agreement and called off a strike that was set to take effect on Thursday, the league's opening day. Not-so-good news for Portland taxpayers, who are ripping up PGE Park for soccer, is the prognosis for the league's finances. Here's the president of the league this morning:

Garber said Seattle and Toronto were the only profitable MLS teams last year.

"We also collectively agreed that we need to grow our television ratings and attendance," Garber said. "Perhaps five years from now we have a league that's operating with all teams at a profit."

Funny thing, I don't remember a lot of "perhaps" when that guy was in Portland selling the stadium deal.

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Great News!

worth noting: Seattle and Toronto are the two teams most like that of the upstart Timbers next year: both the Sounders and TFC play in soccer specific stadia located in their respective downtowns, both are recent additions to the league, both have passionate fan bases, and for what its worth neither of those teams had the same sort of support in the minor leagues that the Timbers currently enjoy.

/just sayin'

You do realize not being able to make money in JY, Chicago, LAX might not augur well for a "major" league?

Jusi sayin' also.

Portland will have a successful franchise, but if there's no league, there are no games. And there's a strong likelihood that this league won't make it to the next threatened strike.

JY? Really? Stay classy there . . .

"JY? Really?"

Thank you for pointing out my mistake. Meant NY. I guess you could include Dallas and Pheonix also since that rounds out the top 5 metros in the US.

Trying to to build a franchise by being popular in smaller venues is OK for AA baseball. I realize Toronto is large, but the NBA wouldn't implode without it and they seem to be surviving without Seattle.

Wait, America was wasting time watching Northern Iowa beat Kansas and they didn't break in to tell us the soccer strike was averted? What's wrong with this country?

Since Steve alluded to Dallas, I have to point out that the MLS Dallas franchise reported a profit in 2007/08. This is noteworthy for those of us who track these things because Dallas is bascially run with the same level of expertise as the Golden State Warriors and Washington Wizards.

"This is noteworthy for those of us who track these things because Dallas is bascially run with the same level of expertise as the Golden State Warriors and Washington Wizards."

OK, since they are all losing money which franchises are run better then?

How much of Dallas' profit was due to franchise fees that got split among owners?

I doubt MLS will be around in 5 years. I don't see a big time TV contract anytime soon, and with the small crowds they attract (red bulls new stadium has 25K seats???) how are they going to survive?

PDX got sold a bill of goods and PGE will be sitting empty in about 48-60 months. Another example of the ineptitude of Sam and Randy...

I don't see a big time TV contract anytime soon

No kidding.

ESPN2’s Thursday night rating fell this season and the telecasts averaged a 0.2 rating and was watched in an average of 251,000 homes weekly. ESPN 2 has achieved higher average ratings in prime time for such sports as Poker and Bowling in the last year.

* * * * *

From July 25 until the end of the year, MLS averaged 319,00 viewers per game. MLS also saw an increase on FSC, with an additional 13k tuning into MLS matches compared to 2008. The actual number went from 51k to 64k.

US viewership for the 2006 World Cup Final was 16.9 million. More than the NBA Finals and about even with the NCAA Basketball Final and the World Series of that year.

When we're posting about the World Cup, we'll let you know. Right now we're talking about MLS, whose TV audience is 300,000 -- and that's for a "good" game.

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