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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kroger scrutinizing Bellotti's parachute

The former leader of the Jail Ducks is taking some heat from the master of the press release.

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With all the crap going on in Portland, this is what he comes out from under his rock for?

Yep. A $2.3 million payoff with no paper trail -- it deserves attention. It's probably just the tip of a big iceberg down there at UC Nike.

And $30k/mo for the interim director? Is that normal?

"With all the crap going on in Portland"

Gets him press, like Hatch investigating the NCAA playoff system.

He's a public official, you really expect something productive from him?

Hey, no fair! The program needs those funds for bail money.

As it happens, I got a call from the UO Foundation yesterday asking me to donate money. I told them that if they simply revoked the scholarships they give to felons, they'd have much more money than I could provide them with.

He wouldn't go after Adams, but now he is upset by this? Way to go Kroger. You know there are a lot of Oregon Alumni and boosters that are also "blue Oregon" types who may not vote for you again.

Can anyone explain to me why someone who quits a job voluntarily would receive any severance at all? Why didn't he just quit on day one and demand $2.3 million?

I wonder how much I would be offered if I up and quit my job....

There should be some looking into this, as that's $2.3M of taxpayer money that he's walking away with, and all he did was quit to go work for ESPN.

It's not like they fired him - HE QUIT.

Oh, come on. What's $2.3M to the UO Athletics Department? Nothin'

With all that money slushing around down there, passing to and fro on handshake deals, it's a bit surprising that it hasn't found it's way into the pockets of a coveted recruit or two. At least not yet...


The UO athletic department is in the red, they just published the report.

Good for Kroger. A public institution carrying on this way is a slap in the face to Oregonians, not to mention all the tax-paying Oregonians who help fund the U of O. What's going on down there in that athletic department is disgusting. I hope the AG cleans up the mess. And hey, that WOULD warrant a flurry of press releases!

gee Kroger don't know if you heard down in Salem but folks are getting gunned down by cops and our local DA is not doing anything
isn't that your job?

Seriously, anyone have an answer?

Why did he receive a payment after quiting voluntarily?

Not a rhetorical question.

Lead by example, the coach always said.

He shouldn't get a dime for quitting. He didn't have any impact as the athletic director, didn't deserve any bonus, and certainly didn't deserve $2mil. If he worked without a contract, that is his own stupid fault. $2.3mil for 9 months of work is absurd at a public institution.

There should be some looking into this, as that's $2.3M of taxpayer money that he's walking away with, and all he did was quit to go work for ESPN.

I hear he made the deal the same day he said he was leaving. But I doubt thats taxpayer money. My guess is Nike or booster money.

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