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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jesus would have loved it

In 2010, His followers don't.

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I'd like to see how the political leaders are depicted in this modernized version of the stations of the cross. Arent there 14 in total?

I know this post appeals to many who think the police in this town are nothing but thugs, but imagine what this town would be like if the police did not have a presence.

Why are people that show lack of respect for authority made out to be heroes and victims?

I think there are ways to challenge the errant ways that some police may act out, but when they have the upper hand in the situation is not the time to egg them on. And that's what the latest significant incidents suggest happened where the perpetrators were killed by the police.

Most people do their best to stay away from the legal system and its enforcers and others seem to not know how to.

If mental illness is a key factor in many of these incidents, then re-open the places like Damasch and lock them away.. because either way, they are costing taxpayers lots of money to manage.. and at least in a place like Damasch, there are people that know how to handle them. Why should police have to become social workers and psychologists? Isn't their role to be in play when those two functions have failed?

Those who object to this depiction of the 7th station of the cross have missed the whole point of Holy Week and the crucifixion. I thought it was a great photo by a kid with a lot more understanding than many adults.

Incredible photo! Thanks for posting about this, Jack.

Robert, do you really have a clue about what went on at Damasch? Perhaps facilities are needed but surely not like Damasch.

"Why are people that show lack of respect for authority made out to be heroes and victims? "

So you agree with the Romans and Jesus deserved what he got? Mentally unbalanced?

I guess this also applies to the folks during the 1770's.

Lawrence/Lucsadvo, What I was reflecting on wasn't the religious value of that picture but the inferred value based on how I know many on this board think about the Portland Police Dept...as far as the myth based story about Jesus's persecution, of course I don't believe that the myth based character should have been treated like that.. that which you are referring to was an embellishment of my original take that the picture of the policeman beating that boy was what many I believe on this board would interpret as the Portland Police killing innocent unarmed people..

I was raised Catholic, Im fully aware of the whole Pontius Pilate story and his role in the myth based Jesus story... you see, in my world and many like me, we can differentiate between myths and actual events and how often times the the two were mixed together to give credibility to an otherwise unbelievable story.... If I recall the Jesus myth based story correctly, he was born to a virgin.. when I found out what virgin meant, it destroyed the previous teachings I received in catechism.. That damn science class got in the way...

As far as do I know what went on in Damasch? Kind of, a friend of mine was there for a while and related their experience to me...

Robert, you have some good questions. Research and read some of the current papers and studies of bullies, their drives and behaviors and what they are like when they become adults.
It will explain a lot.

"Jesus would have loved it" Wow Jack speaking for Christ now? Any other big names we know you are speaking for?

Photography aside, I have a hard time believing that a 10 year old wrote the commentary on that piece.

Yes, Jesus approves of any message that reminds us of the most important week that ever occured in human history.

And yes Lawrence, Jesus 'deserved' what he got, the cross was central to His plan since time began.

Robert, start here: John 19:32-34

Then go back 500 years or so to here, perhaps the most prophetic verse in the entire Old Testament: Zechariah 12:10

Then go to 90 years past Calvary: Revelation 1:7

We will know him again by the scars that He bears.

Wow Jack speaking for Christ now?

Admittedly, my credentials are shaky, not having raped any young boys.


"...Jesus 'deserved' what he got..."

Don't preach, folks. I know the (Catholic) story too. Also remember Jesus prayed in the garden to let this cup pass.

He didn't like it.

Besides, the story is apocryphal, as you will find similar sorties going back several thousand years before he came along.

Nice try, however!

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