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Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Monday after spring break. Welcome back to your cubicle.

And to maker matters worse, for a lot of us, it's the end of the pay period, and we're running on fumes.

Need a lift? Here, print this out, grab the Scotch tape, and have some fun with it. Or go here for the version that best fits your office. [Via this sick person.]

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My husband works for the City of Portland. I forwarded him the link and he printed out the appropriately-branded sign. On his way to post it on the copier, he showed it to a co-worker. The response? "Are you kidding? The City spent money on THAT???" Of course the guy believed it--the City spends money on every other far-fetched and unbelievable money waster out there.

Thank you, Michelle, for reminding us that anything remotely funny can be turned into another depressing rant against the city's government. Spring break? Forgotten.

I'll get you Jack if it's the last thing I do!!!
Not funny, I have a sore throat now.

I used to work at a company where intelligence was a decided liability for management. (Yeah, I know, it's like that everywhere, but this was a place where one of my co-workers asked me about my birthday, I said "February 30," and she got upset later because she couldn't find that date on the calendar. She naturally became a manager at the first opportunity.) I could have had a couple of my old managers going for WEEKS with this.

Of course, you have to be careful with using something like this, as some workplaces are particularly lacking in a sense of humor. That's how I got an FBI record for allegedly selling government secrets to the Daleks.

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