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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

House of cards gets additional story

Now the feds are pushing PERS into buying up failing banks. Sounds like a plan.

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Are these people morons or crooks or both?

The older I get, the more it's becoming clear: Nobody know anything.

"Are these people morons or crooks or both?"

Makes sense to me.
To save the bank folk, we must...

Soak the taxpayers.
PERS folk pay taxes.
Ergo, soak the PERS folk.

Wouldn't it be nice if Portland had a news media that didn't just rewrite PR releases.

Well, to be a bitmore accurate, they want PERS to buy up the assets of fialing banks. Considering the timing, this might not be a bad deal.

Then again, the risk factor is probably a bit too much for PERS funds which guarantee a return with taxpayers making up the diff.

Public pensions are the epitome of dumb money. Whatever is being pushed on them is guaranteed to be for suckers.

That's precisely why the Wall Street types are offering this "opportunity" to the pensions. "This one is to rich for us at Goldman Sachs. We want you guys to have it."

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