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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Had a bad day?

Cheer up. It could be worse. An alert reader sends a photo, taken this afternoon, of a car on Route 217 over on Portland's west side:

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That happened to me many years ago when a rock tore a hole in my oil pan and the idiot light on my dash did not warn me of a drastic drop in oil pressure. It only took three minutes of 70mph freeway driving to seize up the engine and catch all the plastic trim, wiring, and vacuum lines on fire.

At least this car doesn't seem to be accelerating on its own.

At least the driver didn't attempt to operate it in that condition, like this guy did:


Excellent link Donna!

Now if this person would have just used a Bike or gone by Streetcar...

Just saw a follow-up on KPTV 10PM news about the woman and three-year-old son who were rescued from this car. They just found the guy who helped them out.

The car burnt completely, they have some traffic cam video. I don't see a link on kptv.com yet, perhaps tomorrow.

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