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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Calling John Kroger

Here's a wild one from the City of Portland. It's got a bid process going for a parking management contract. In late January, it reported that bidding was closed, and that five companies had submitted proposals.

Yesterday, the city announced that it is now changing the criteria by which the contract is going to be awarded!

I've got one word: Wow.

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So what changed? I'm trying to figure out who their trying to rig the bid for.

I've got another: protest.

Just a speculation, since the city's system requires a login to see the original parameters, but Star Park has got City business in the past by teaming with one of the racial "chambers of commerce." It isn't clear if the "diversity" component (at 15%, this matters as much as "Offeror's Capabilities" - this means an utterly incompetent but 'Diverse' firm would score as highly as a fully-competent outfit run by Live White Men - Amazing!) is the one that has been revised to make the right firm win, but in Portland, that's the way you have to bet. It will be interesting to see what the change was.

The original criteria:

Criteria - Score
a. Cover Letter - Ø
b. Project Team - 10
c. Offeror’s Capabilities - 15
d. Project Understanding and Approach - 25
e. Proposed Cost - 35
g. Diversity in Employment and Contracting Requirements - 15
TOTAL - 100

The revised criteria:

Project Team - 10
Offeror’s Capabilities - 15
Project Understanding and Approach - 25
Proposed Cost (subdivided as follows) - 35
- Net Income as a Percent of Revenue - 20
- Revenue Growth - 5
- Janitorial and Security Costs - 4
- Accuracy, Completeness, and Consistency
of Financial Statements - 6
Diversity in Employment and Contracting Requirements - 15
TOTAL - 100

Looks like they've decided to assign weights to various subfactors under "Proposed Cost" -- after they've seen the bids.

Most of the criteria are hopelessly vague, so the Parking bureaucracy can tilt the award decision any way the overseeing Councilor wants them to tilt it.

I bet the criteria change is intended to increase the odds that the contract will be awarded back to City Center Parking.

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