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Thursday, March 11, 2010

And in LaJail Ducks news...

One star accused, the other reportedly about to cop a plea. Domestic violence, burglary -- go Ducks!

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The state of Oregon has had some notable scholar/athletes, but they don't get must press.

I vote that from now on, we call the UO athletic teams the Felons instead of the Ducks.

Somehow it slipped past me in all this talk about Masoli that he has been convicted of robbery before and the Ducks gave him a pass (rim shot) when he said it wouldn't happen again and he could win them a lot of football games.

All this calls to mind one of my favorite Great Moments in Duck Football:

Star quarterback Akili Smith was arrested in 1998 after some kind of barroom brawl in Eugene. Back then, Coach Mike Bellotti didn't put up with that kind of crap. He suspended Smith for a month.

Of course, the month turned out to be February.

glad to see folks are smearing people without a trial , classy stuff! The football team has 100 some hard working dedicated student-athletes , and you are free to sit around in your PJ's and malign them all with cheap insults. Boy you must feel huge and powerful.

A Duck fan wants "classy"? Too funny.

These two are obvious thugs. They malign themselves by their conduct and are a disgrace to the State of Oregon. Their drunk driving teammate also deserves a nice jail sentence.

If you think this is bad news wait until the attendance #'s for the first season in Matthew Knight arena come in. They built it far too large because they are self-destructing Ducks.

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