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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Welcome, new KGW reporter!

I see that the tough economic times haven't stopped our friends at Channel 8 from adding a new face to their staff:

Comments (11)

Content Creator 3000. It's a computer. Located in India.

Easy, Jack. Bots have feelings, too.

Jack, that's "Mr. Creator", please! :-)

He used to be on the local station in Baker City. Moving up in the world!

He or she's in a class of his (or her) own.

Does it talk with trees?

Maker O'Malarkey has good stuff, too. Prolific across the nation for the past few decades.

Hey, it beats the usual Belo reporters Ben Dover, Amanda Hugginkiss, and Al Koholic.

"Content Creator 3000. It's a computer. Located in India."

Lie - I just saw him on the weekend 1100PM news.

When will "creator" interview Elvis.

It's the next 'cub reporter' generation, taking over the job held for 20 years by Malcontent Creator.

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