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Saturday, February 6, 2010

That time already

It's Snowpocalypse 2010 on the East Coast, but here in El NiƱoland it's nice enough to get out and do something about the yard. We've got a big climbing rose bush that makes our Mays spectacular, and it's gotten too big for its britches. When it's all leaves and thorns, it's a lethal opponent, but it's not too bad when it's asleep for the winter. And so out there we go.

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Years ago, I was taught that Portland gardeners should always have their roses trimmed by Presidents' Day.

Am not sure who was the source of the admonition, but it's a lesson that is always followed and never forgotten.

If it provides any verification, I noted today that the rose bushes in the various Ladd's Addition rose gardens (in the middle of the various intersections) have all been trimmed. Hmmmm, maybe there's something to the lesson.

Take the opportunity to dormant spray to control over-wintering diseases and eggs (very IPM) and then fertilize on President's Day with a good organic-based fertilizer to encourage beautiful healthy plants with full blooms in late May-early June.

I have a hunch things are going to be earlier than that this year. This particular rose bush is going to be at its best by May 15, I'll bet.

Dormant spray was a big plus last year, and we've got it on the checklist for this year. Probably tomorrow, as winter appears to be over.

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