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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Standing up to the bishop

Over in Bend, the hospital board is giving up its Catholic Church affiliation because it wants to continue to serve women who want their tubes tied. That operation is one of the many, many no-no's at the mysterious intersection of the Catholic religion and the business of health care.

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What's "mysterious"? The church doesn't allow this. They're not saying the hospital can't do them, right? They're just saying they won't be associated with the church. And the harm is...?

Where does the local Providence hospital stand on this? Do they do tubal ligations? Vasectomies?

Good for the hospital board. Women don't need the/a church telling them what medical procedures they may have based on their doctrine. Lets keep God out of schools, government and health care.

Where does the local Providence hospital stand on this

You have to have church permission and there must be an overriding medical need for it.

Oh I see-it's like the world is underpopulated ? Humans are on the brink of extinction?
Give me a break- the Catholic church needs to mind it's own business. And women's rights are NOT their business.
Congratulations to the hospital board for doing the right thing.

"The Catholic Church needs to mind its own business."

I wonder if the nuns who were doing the Church's work and went begging to build Providence Hospital would have been stopped in their tracks by such an authoritative statement. Nah.

I was already having some laparoscopic surgery last year and my doc suggested tubal ligation while she was in the vicinity. Had to get special permission from Providence on that one (granted). Good thing. I was almost 45, with three kids. . . . I think I've done my part in the procreation department.

Oh I see-it's like the world is underpopulated.

Well, yeah. The US is anyway. There just isnt enough people to pay taxes for all the crap everyone wants the government to provide.

"my doc suggested tubal ligation while she was in the vicinity"
Wasn't there anything else the doctor could removed down there? Glad to hear someone getting past being a parent.

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