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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympics gold medalist Lindsey Vonn wears Uvex goggles

Please come visit me in jail.

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Although the poem deserves some sort of prison sentence, I always side against the IOC.
Did you notice how they handled the Georgian luger's death?
First, they were overcome with sadness but then seconds later they began blaming it on him. He was mediocre, he was scared, he screwed up.
The IOC was negligent in that death. After a crash there should have been no way for such a sudden stop. The line of exposed beams shouldn't have been there. It was like having a line of trees right next to the downhill course.
The IOC had that part of the track fixed with wooden barricades that would keep the athlete on the course, then put up some padding on the beams - as if that would help.
Then they said they did it to help the athletes cope with their feelings. It was blatant repulsive spin - like when the Bush administration said they didn't want pictures of flag-draped coffins coming back from Iraq to protect the dead soldiers' privacy.
The IOC is a pompous, arrogant, corrupt bunch of schmucks, and I hope this athlete's family sticks it to them with a gold medal lawsuit.
At least wait 'til the body is cold before you start blaming the dead guy. Covering your ass is not an Olympic event.

Is this why we're watching men's hockey from "Canada Hockey Place" instead of GM Place arena?

oh puhleeeeeeeese.....and the IOC chose NBC for what reason....? Oh yeah- follow the money. Silly me, I forgot what the Olympics were all about.

It ain't over...Olym***n Hannah Teter is the founder of http://sweetcheekspanties.com/ and is not allowed to have her name on the site (which sells ladies underwear)(she's giving proceeds to Doctors Without Borders) because of the same 'abuse of intellectual property' (?) rules.

Teter isnt allowed to have her name on her own website? What kind of crap did the IOC make these people sign?

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