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Monday, February 8, 2010

No blue hair


Here's an interesting one -- the grooming code for uniformed Portland firefighters. "Cosmetics, if worn, must be conservative and in good taste." Who gets to enforce that one -- the commissioner-in-charge?

Comments (8)

It appears that any type of curl is prohibitted (?)

Does that poor woman in Figure 10 have a horseshoe crab attacking the back of her head?

If I were dictator, I would totally outlaw rugs and comb-overs. Take Blago's....please! . That thing needs shots and a license.

"Take Blago's....please!"

You can't, he knows too much.

Looks like the result of another contest for free design.

Can you imagine being on that committee? Sitting around and deciding on the official measurements for soul patches, bangs, and lengths of women's hair on the sides and in the back. Oh, and hair color and whether or not to allow nail polish. It would have been either dreadfully boring or, with enough twisted senses of humor in the room, a total hoot.

shoot -- I didn't see a rat tail any where. . . . .

What's with the high foreheads on the men and low, practically prehominid, foreheads on the women?

Are we dealing with a hidden agenda?

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