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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Monster Knicks-Rockets-Kings-Celtics trades

Holy moley. Houston gave up The Contract Formerly Known as Tracy McGrady and Carl Landry, the Kings gave away Kevin Martin, the Knicks swapped Nate Robinson out and picked up Eddie House from Boston plus Sergio... It's all supposedly over the Lebron sweepstakes, but these are moves that will have implications for the rest of this season as well.

It looks as though David Lee will be back on the block this summer. Maybe the Blazers will take an interest if Camby retires, either of the Kneecap Twins doesn't return, or all of the above.

Comments (6)

I think they keep David Lee. Good price for a lunchpail guy that Lebron or Wade will need.

Rockets made out nicely. I like Kevin Martin's game.

Landry and Tyreke are going to make some noise together, much better than Martin and Tyreke.

Eddie House is back with D'Antoni. I remember that relationship well...


How does Houston, which was still in the playoff hunt, gain by giving up one of their two or three big guys? I don't think they have anybody decent on the team who is over 6'9".

I thought they were going after Amare. Didn't get him.

About the Camby acquisition, the O reported the departure of Blake and Outlaw with a single sentence (well, maybe two)that named them. Struck me as pretty classless; they'd been with the Blazers for years and, however inconsistently, they seemed to be loyal and hard-working. But now it's as if they never existed. Good lesson to the rest of the team.

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