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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jail Ducks, cont'd

UC Nike continues to reap what it sows.

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Hey, what's a little strangulation, theft, assault and DUI among friends? These guys are just sowing their oats. Nothing to see here.

UofO CSI: Special Teams Unit.

Stay classy Quackland...

This is what happens when a program has a win-at-all-costs culture and low standards that aren't enforced. It's very disappointing.

How about having Multnomah County lease out Wapato as a University of Oregon Athletes-Only Incarceration Facility?

Does it have reserved parking for the inmates?

well you got the asst d a doing it too... let's stop piling on , this is a group of young men , and this happens to any small fraction of a group of college students. check a frat house or the law school.

U of O is fast becoming Miami of the Northwest. Without the weather and the national championships of course.

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