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Monday, February 22, 2010

Jail Duck of the Day

Another student athlete from UC Nike shows what's coming out of Eugene these days (and it's NSFW).

Of course, some of these guys will be back on the team by Labor Day. "They're good kids, they just made mistakes." Until somebody gets killed, maybe.

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Wow, somebody should search Chip Kelly's resume to make sure he didn't coach at Miami/Nebraska/Okla 15 years ago.

You know what the hallmark is of teams with severe off-the-field problems: Winning

If Chip Kelly does well next year, and I bet he does, no one is going to say a word about these issues.

Not really defending the Ducks here. I just don't think the problems that they are facing are all that unique. NCAA Football is about winning and money, not education and integrity.

It is my understanding that all incoming student athletes receive a similar speech from the coach/school that says something to the effect of "You're here on the public dime. This scholarship is a privilege that can be taken away from you. Don't speak out of turn to the media or online. Don't do anything crazy in public. And if you get mixed up with Johnny Law, be cool. We'll deal with it quietly the next day. BEHAVE YOURSELVES!" Apparently some kids listen better than others.

It's so absolutely frustrating as there's a simple way to put an end to it.

New rule - you get arrested, you lose your scholarship and you're off the team. Period. Of course in a court of law you are "innocent until proven guilty" but the U of O isn't a court of law. In this case, there's a negative public perception no matter what the outcome. These hoodlums bring disrespect and disgrace onto the program simply by being arrested, even if they eventually squirm out of the charges.

Strict..?? Absolutely. But I can assure you that if it was the rule, and enforced without exception, these guys would take cab rides after drinking and stay the hell out of fights and maybe even avoid sketchy situations altogether. Personally, I think that's a life lesson that transcends a game, but for many winning at sports is more important than good character and shaping solid young men.

When the U of O gave Blount a pass for that punch, they pretty much said discipline and honor mean nothing. Party on, dudes....party on.

They just need some PPD as security. After a few knee drops and a tase or two, they will all be studying hard over the weekend!

Given his grammar and spelling on his fb page, it's a good thing he's getting an educmacation.

Im not excusing the behavior of the Duck players, but it seems nobody made this big of a deal about some OSU players a while back who beat up a soldier outside a local bar for dating someone of the wrong race.

I love how he's claiming that freedom of speech now doesn't exist because he shot off his mouth and is now paying the consequences for it.

Guess what? That is the exact meaning of freedom of speech. You're free to say what you want, and deal with the consequences of saying it.

I think he's actually getting an education now.


A huge deal was made about that incident not only on TV but radio and rw blogs.

^^^ It was. And even if it wasn't, that isn't an excuse to turn a blind eye the second, third, fourth, and fifth time it happens with local athletes breaking the rules.

I never said it was en excuse. I thought Blount being brought back was disgusting. They should get their scholarships taken away at the very least.

Maybe its a college football issue...it probably isn't an issue at an elitist school like Stanford.


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