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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is the fix in for Moyer in the PDC headquarters move?

A reader has reacted to our post of earlier today about the PDC's planned headquarters move with these observations:

You might want to direct some of your ire at the Mayor's office on this one. Word is, he's forcing PDC's hand on this, and is virtually insisting a deal with TMT get done. Even committing to much more space than PDC needs to get the deal done (apparently promises to relo other city bureau(s) to absorb the additional square footage). Galleria and Waterfront options are red herrings.
Sounds about right.

Comments (3)

The PDC cannot pay it's bills without projects to skim from.

Since they lost momentum at SoWa and other UR schemes they need money from somewhere.

They are likely going to liquidate their existing building in some scheme.
They'll trade off a horrible long term deal for new location in order to get cash and push their imminent collapse a few years ahead.

The Port of Portland is the same way.
Overburdened and upside down from years of lousy management and spending.

OHSU same.

It's the Goldschmidt cluster about to fall apart.

Portland is probably the phoniest major city in the country.
Many are sure it's the most corrupt.

Figures. Wonder who will move into their old building during the worst recession in decades? Another white elephant is born.

How many more years of Sam do we have?

Kalberer owns the building at NW 5th and Everett where the PDC currently resides. PDC bailed out Kalberer and supposedly themselves in 2004.
This is just more of the same old stuff but at $15 a sq ft more than the PDC is currently paying in rent to Kalberer. Tom Moyer could need that money by now...
Seems to me I read that the move TO the current location was going to save $6 million over the course of the lease. I wonder if that was the case???
We the taxpayers will never know the truth. (Could we handle the truth?)
Pitchforks anyone?

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