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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hey, kids! Free laptops!

Say "Cheese"!

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Is this for real? Rather Orwellian. Boggles the mind.

I've known more than a few control freak school principals who prayed for this ability in the Seventies and Eighties. (My high school principal made international news in 1982 for offering cash rewards to students who turned in alleged drug dealers on campus: the program didn't work and was quietly dropped, but he got all of the broadcast time his tropism for television cameras could handle. I recently discovered that he has a new high school named after him, and all I could do was ask "Isn't that like naming a vegan restaurant for Jeffrey Dahmer?")

Unsurprising. If you give someone the ability to do something with no safeguards on its use, they will abuse it.

Doesn't matter whether its full-body scanners, wiretaps, email surveilance, or webcams.


I'd recommend taping over the webcam on any pc with black electrical tape. It's the only absolutely, positively, certain way to disable it, as most on/off switches are usually done indirectly through software control.

Or in the case of a desktop, just unplug the camera when not using it. Most have microphones too.

Doing this is so painfully easy. I kept a remote eye on a nephew and whenever he surfed to the ol Porn, I remotely shut off his puter. It was a lot of fun that year...

If this case is real, I'm thinking some serious damages...

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