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Friday, February 5, 2010

Have a great weekend

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Nice, Jack - played that one in several bands in the late 70s (as well as last year . . . ) and, like Bonnie, it still holds up.

Computer crash in am. New computer by noon. Loading programs, files, etc. Drama, drama, drama. Finally have internet connection. First place I go to check connectivity? Bojack.org. Bonnie Raitt. I feel the calm coming over me. Life is good. I will survive. Thanks, Jack.

I went though that a few weeks ago and it's a whole new kind of grief - like losing a pet, but a pet that handles your email account.

The contents of my last computer are now on an external hard drive.

It looks like a little cyber-urn.

Love Bonnie Raitt. Saw her one time and she tore the place apart. I personally prefer the tracks where she plays slide. Her slide playing is Duane-Allman-good and yet all her own.

I am now Passport savvy. And I have a way-cool super-fast laptop. Everything works *yea* I love Bonnie's slide guitar almost as much as her beautiful gray-streaked lo-o-o-ong red hair.

I love that version of the song. They grabbed that groove hard and never let go.

I'm glad the harp player had plenty of pockets!

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