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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Guess where Grimwad wound up

Remember Robin Grimwade, the guy who was going to preside over the commercializing of Portland's slowly crumbling park system, in order to make the parks "pay for themselves"? He had been imported from his native Australia by then-parks commisioner Dan "Legend" Saltzman. Down under, Grimwad had reportedly peeled off part of a local park and handed it over to Fox Studios, and there was another controversial deal with McDonald's that apparently got nipped in the bud. Here in Portland, he hovered close to the sneaky deal to sell off part of Mount Tabor Park to Warner Pacific College -- a deal that failed once the public found out about it. (A deal that Saltzman incredibly denied knowing about.)

Anyway, somebody at City Hall (let's hope it was the current parks commissioner, Nick Fish) eventually showed Grimwad the door a while back, and he was up for a gig in the 'Couv, which he didn't get.

So where did he go next? Think about it -- his specialty is greasing the skids for corporations to get at taxpayer assets, and making it look like it's all for the public good. He's a fixer and a bit of a scoundrel. Who around here would bring somebody like that on board?

Take a guess -- then click here for the answer.

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We import them and then breed with them.

O. My. Dawg.

No wonder they're building their second HQ building in eleven years!

The old one will now become a McDonald's!

Given the Port's current culture, he'll probably be a moderating influence.

I guessed, but I was wrong. There were just too many possibilities.

My first guess was the Paulson's.
The Port fits with the pattern though.

Had there been a Reader Poll, I'd have clicked on OHSU.

Aw, guys...not METRO?

I can hear his plans for the port, and it's pure South Park: "Now I'm gonna sneak up behind and jam my thumb up its butthole. That'll really piss it orf!"

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