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Friday, February 26, 2010

For your tail bonks

At the winter games, you need the appropriate equipment.

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The curling contingent pushes its own special brand, the Hurry Hards. Rumour has it is that during the Olympics only, the Hurry Hards come in five different colors, packaged as a panel of three over two, something like this.

A friend just commented to me, "aren't these the people we want to reproduce?"

Read an article last week that said China brought in 70,000 condoms for the olympics and ran short. They had to bring in another 20,000 to meet the athletes needs so Vancouver figured 100,000 would be enough for them. I'm detecting a trend here, athletes are horny bastards.

The headline made me snort tea up my noise. Thanks for the laugh!

And up my nose. Clearly, I need more caffeine.

Does no one else find this disturbing? I must be completely old fashioned - marriage first, then the rest comes. That many condoms seems to me to be an awful lot of promiscuity. The VANOC is trying to keep the athletes physically healthy, but does no one consider the emotional aspect any more? *sigh* I'll go crawl back to the 1950's now....

A friend just commented to me, "aren't these the people we want to reproduce?"

Which suggests your friend hasn't met too many hockey players.

Hi folks:
Reminds me of a past Olympics when the Russians ordered condoms from the USA for the Russian teams. Trojan condom company shipped an order of their largest condoms, labeled them all "SMALL"-Made in the USA".

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