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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Doo process

Here's a hysterical "only in Portland" moment. Some guy is out there convincing people to invest $250 in "a profitable and vibrant vermicomposting collective" that he hopes will make money selling worms for composting and worm poop for fertilizer.

Among the investors? The city's creepy mayor, who not so long ago couldn't come up with $250 to pay his own mortgage. Now he's reportedly plunked down that amount and signed up to become a worm tycoon.

You have to wonder whether a hippie enterprise such as this has complied with the state and federal securities laws, which require that quite a bit of red tape be processed before shares can be sold to investors. Maybe the fearless state attorney general can get on the case. He already knows where to send the subpoenas.

Don't get me wrong -- the Mrs. and I have been avid worm composters for more than 15 years -- but the investment aspect of this is a classic Rose City delusion of grandeur. And wouldn't you know it, the Spendthrift-in-Chief is right there with check in hand. At least this time he isn't playing with our money -- I say that hopefully.

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And here I thought we were going to here something about Lore and Ordure ... maybe an amendment to the Pooper Scooper Law. ;)By the way, I do do worms ... in the garage because the HOA objects to the worm box on the side of the house.

Oddly enough, for securities enforcement, it is not, at least in the first instance, the State Attorney General.

Instead, it is:

Kevin Anselm
Department of Consumer & Business Services
Division of Finance and Corporate Securities
350 Winter St. NE, Rm. 410
Salem, OR 97301-3881

Located in the Labor & Industries (L&I) building at the southeast corner of Winter & Center streets

Phone: 503-378-4140 or 503-378-4387
Toll-free (within Oregon only): 866-814-9710
FAX: 503-947-7862

A number of yeras ago similar opportunities in the raising of shitake mushrooms from lrom oak ogs purportedly seeded with lots of spores resulted in a lot of losses for folks.

Are you kidding me? If the case was high-profile, our AG would be all over it. Some consumer protection guy wouldn't be able to get a press release in edgewise.

Perhaps The O's Ms Griffin has the poop on this, for she is the scribe who assured us so admiringly a year ago that "He gardens, and he works":

Well, so far he's not saying anything too wrong: "Investors who give $250 a share to help build the business will get a return on that investment, White said." Because zero is a return . . .

Actually my question is, if the $250 buys you a position as one of the owners of a joint LLC is that the same as offering shares under the securities laws? I always thought securities laws didn't start until the business started offering shares beyond the ownership circle (which is why you see so much shady dealing in the new ventures area).

I also understand someone is starting a venture in collecting and composting dog poop. "I got just one word for you, are you listening? Just one word. Sh**."

In 19th century England dog poop was collected and used to absorb the lye from hides being tanned. And to think we just throw it into the land fill!

Sam knows how to pander to his constituency.

Sam is a shrewd politician, and he knows who votes for him.

I personally think he is a disgrace, but in some ways I find him quite admirable.

He really isn't any different from any other policitician.

It's not just a rose city delusion of granduer, its the American delusion of granduer, aka; THE AMERICAN DREAM!

People, dog doo and worm doo are two entirely different kettles of... well, doo. Worm doo is a benign mud that makes a wonderful, odor-free compost fertilizer. It's easy and pleasant to work with. Dog doo, on the other hand, is farookin' toxic.

"In 19th century England dog poop was collected and used to absorb the lye from hides being tanned."

Wow! This just pooped, I mean- popped - into my mind:

"Tan me hide when I'm dead, Fred,
Tan me hide when I'm dead.
So we tanned his hide when he died, Clyde,
And that's it hangin' on the shed!
Altogether now:
Tie me kangaroo down, sport. Tie me kangaroo down..."


Knock knock. Are you there?

For just a small sampling,
this is Oregon where COSA and ODE can repeatedly engage in illegal contracting, where the Oregon Zoo and Zoo Foundation can use money laundering to evade taxes and regulation,
where the PDC can transfer millions in cash and real estate to private patners,
where no bid contracts line the pockets of the influential,
where government grants buy cooperation and silence,
where consultants are paid to cook up feasibility reports for various schemes and boondoggles,
where goverment PR department staff run wild generating propoganda,
and not a single attorney general inquiriy occurs.

The offender always seem to worm out of any consequences.

Now back to your regular stuff.

Hmm. Let me guess, this "investment opportunity" works best if you also convince many of your friends to put in $250. And their friends, and their friends....

Not long before the mayor starts using his speeches to sell us all Amway.

Yeah Creepy would go for that in a heart beat.

Amway Grand Plaza Convention Center Hotel Portland


It is conceivably a CSA, community shared agriculture, not a share in dollar return on invested business capital.

When my husband was a kid, his dad bought into the idea of Worms for Fun and Profit. They had about 30 worm beds on their acrage. I don't know how much fun or profit they had, but at least it didn't cost them $250 up front.

“He gardens and he works”

Yes, Adams likes to garden. Why then does he promote one thing for some and another for the rest? Outer East Portland has been incrementally destroyed by Katz' and yes Adam’s agenda. Now after the density and infill have taken the valuable land that may have provided gardens and food for all, now there is this new awareness that we need to return to “natural” ways. What a hypocrite!!

He likes his garden but promotes horrendous “glorified chicken coops” for many citizens to live in. Some of these “coops” do not even have so much as a patio for a tomato container plant. He promotes bikes and mucho money for his base, but drove a huge truck himself. He promotes sustainable green and will go to DC to try to get funds for his “green” building, but will not stand up to fight for the most green sustainable watershed, Bull Run. NYC is still fighting, why not our Mayor and wimpy council? It is not only the money, apparently Mayor thinks it is fine to add toxic chemicals to our water and allow radon to back into our homes and schools and work places. Wake up people. This is serious and the hypocrisy of our Council promoting Portland as green is so misleading that it boggles the minds of those of us who know the truth. Also, this is not a liberal agenda. This is a corporate agenda. Please remember that many of us who may have considered ourselves, but no longer wish to choose such labels as liberal, absolutely detest what is happening in our city of Portland. Not all "liberals" approve of the agenda. Accountability to the rule of law of law and fiduciary responsibility crosses all political lines.

"Not all "liberals" approve of the agenda.", no but enough to get all the fools reelected in this sorry excuse of city government.

I was going to say.......if Sam really believes eco-roofs, trams, and bike lanes are the answer to all our problems, then I have a nice worm farm I would like to sell him. Sounds as though someone already did.

Sam has worms.

In response to Dagwood Howerfield:

Unfortunately, the deck generally appears to be stacked against reasonable candidates who may want to change directions for the better in our city.

Throughout the years, I have observed that if they are not for the “agenda” it seems there is an “insider club” here who determines by press and money who gets in to continue running that agenda.

I have been to many candidate fairs and at some even the control there is intolerable for my tastes. For example, index cards are used to write questions down, and then who determines which questions are answered?

I think very important also is the question of who will be overseeing our elections. Not only do I find it troubling but blackboxvoting has put out an alert on Oregon’s election since Kate Brown hired our new elections director for the state of Oregon who has a history of obstructiveness to public observation.


Click on "Go to Your State" and see why Oregon has been placed on a watch list.

Where's Frank Ivancie when you need him?

What has Ivancie to do with anything relevant?

He was a Portland mayor who wasn't delusional.

This $250, was that in cash? and left at the reception desk at city hall (of shame)...

Throughout the years, I have observed that if they are not for the “agenda” it seems there is an “insider club” here who determines by press and money who gets in to continue running that agenda.

Yes, that "insider club" is the Goldschmidt cabal.

Response to Jon:

Is there anyone here who would be willing to shine a light on this “Goldschmidt cabal”?

A backgrounder and perhaps putting out names for all to see? There may be citizens who need to know?

Portland needs a cleansing.

Clinamen, check the old WW archives. I remember there being a flowchart of that whole network showing all the appointees in high places in one of their investigative pieces in the last couple years. Problem is, those who are supposed to do the cleansing are on that chart. Vicki Walker was a real force in starting some cleansing, but then she got bought off and now has a spot on same said chart.

Oh, I'd love to see a commercial worm farm in Portland that converts city-provided kitchen scraps into worm castings. I'm just reminded of the other times I've come across similar proposals that went nowhere, mostly because vermiculture works best at a small level. I guess I'm just going to have to spend the $250 that's burning a hole in my pocket on a dinosaur ranch or something.

Hear about the lucky Fisherman?
He married a woman with worms!

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