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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

City staff on Paulson stadium design: "Not yet"

The red tape-meisters in the City of Portland's land use bureaucracy have declared that they do "not yet recommend approval" of the Paulson family's design for the re-renovation of PGE Park. The staff report is here. The scorecard of trouble areas is a fairly long one:

• Lack of incorporation of local identity (Tanner Creek, water features, art, etc.)
• Reservations about the notion that the project may not meet design guidelines because there is a reliance on “public art” being a mitigating effect. The RACC “public art” process is separate from the Design Review process.
• Consideration of the termination of SW Yamhill Street – alternate ideas include: a more deliberate design element or leaving the view shed open.
• With regard to these design guidelines, the kiosks do not improve public open space, are not vibrant and lack activity for the SW 18th Avenue public streetscape. The uses within are inappropriate for a street frontage and they are not flexible. The streetscape should either (1) be interesting, active and lively more than on just game days, or (2) remain open with unobstructed views of the stadium, being successful and responsive to the purpose of the OS zone.
• Condition of Approval to limit # of kiosks, wall length at SW 18th, etc.?
• Little information on the materiality and detail of the kiosk elevations.
• Reservations about feasibility, enforcement and longevity to keep gates open on nongame days at the Entry Terrace. Instead of imposing an operational Condition of Approval that is difficult to enforce and challenging for the Stadium’s operators, this Design Review should require a more permanent design solution that resolves the kiosk challenges. However, if accepted by the Commission as a viable idea, a Condition of Approval must be crafted.
• Lack of information on signage, awnings/canopies, lighting, mechanical, service areas.
• Consideration of a Condition of Approval to require the main lighting and signage package to be subject as a future Type III Design Review. (More detailed information on awnings/canopies, mechanical, service areas should be submitted and reviewed under this current Type III Design Review.)
• Consideration of improvements to SW 18th Avenue frontage.
• With regard to these specific design guidelines, the kiosks disrupt views and also lack a connection with adjacent public spaces.
• Views of blank walls from within the Stadium – interest/activity/liveliness (1) spectators/visitors looking east, and (2) spectators/visitors walking and gathering along the new buildings and kiosks.
• Kiosks disrupting views into this public facility from SW 18th Avenue.
• Kiosks disrupting of the new canopy from SW 18th Avenue.
• Importance of quality materials and quality details. Little information submitted thus far (need materials and details of: wood, concrete, glazing, doors, surfaces, mesh, gates, finishes, colors, awnings, canopy roof, etc.
• Canopy design – should it go further as encouraged in previous DAR’s?
• Design relationship between this proposal and existing. Should they be integrated, or contrast? How is the identity of one informing the other?
• Alterations to SW 18th and Morrison ticket booths?
I wonder if they put in the potential sewer collapse as a "water feature."

Comments (14)

Just skip this re-renovation, there will be a re-re-renovation needed in two years.

Nothing that a junket to New York can't solve.

OK, how many raises does Randy have to give out to shove this thing through?

I'm sure Randy and Sam can cough up a few million bucks and few dozen planners to address these pesky issues for lil'P.

I'm going to take a wild guess here and say this is part of the "We're really being tough on this deal" charade, to be followed by the, "We're going along with this deal, but, boy, did we make it tough on them" charade.

I think it would be only fitting that the many citizens that have and will be bamboozled by this PGE Park fiasco should pursue all the avenues of appeals.

Assuming the near future acceptance by the Design Commission after above and below board trade-offs, continue on with appeals to the City Council, then Land Use Board of Appeals, then the Appeals Court, then maybe on to the OR Supreme Court. And naturally like all land use processes the city and Paulson will screw up some administrative requirement, and that can be thrown into the mix.

Do what the City does to developers, builders, property owners, good citizens-play with them and extend it out three to four years. And the outcome might be surprising-a decision for the citizens. If you notice any kind of favoritism on behalf of Paulson/City-then sue them on that point.

Sorry to have to say this, but the City has played this game so often that this would be a good project and time to return the favor.

The rules only apply if you fail to payoff the right commissioners.

Brace yourself, Portland taxpayers -That's the sound of that $415k attorney fee going up, up, up...

PGE = Paulsons Get Everything.

MSL =Might Lose Shirt?

MSL = Must stop lying

MLS = Money Losing Shenanigans

wow , this classic NannyState BDS crap , if they wanna be designers , they should come out here in the real world and do it. Sitting in the BDS Palace and telling design professionals that they must change this and that
is a waste of tax dollars.
sorry no bus service , no food for school kids , but by godd , we got BDS Staff.

Baseball fans, soccer fans who oppose this deal, and other opponents of this deal should pool their money together for an appeal. There is still hope. One person to talk to is Hal Saltzman, Dan Saltzman's uncle. He is a former Beavers player who thinks this deal is bad for the city.

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