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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Both sides of their mouths

Here's a funny one. First the state government twisted everybody's arms to vote yes for tax and fee increases on corporations. Now they're encouraging the corporations to file their documents before the effective date of the fee increases, so that they can pay at the old rate one last time.

"The new fees go into effect on Feb. 27, so this is a way for some Oregon businesses to save a little money."
As if they cared. As if they cared.

BTW, while we track the press release output of Kroger and Westlund, we note that Secretary of State Kate Brown is no slouch in that department. With this latest missive, she's up to at least 10 for the year -- tied with Westlund.

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Quit yer complaining. With this bump in taxes schools will be so much better now and grannie can pull herself from teh snow bank.

Who cares? We gave them $800M more to blow and we won't see one bit of difference at ground-level.

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