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Friday, February 19, 2010

Attention Tri-Met and Public Library

It can be done.

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But, like so many good things, only in Canada.

The word "brutal" - as a descriptor for various circumstances, schemes and persons - has a real future in "our new economy."

Don't remind me. I may not have created the term "Cat Piss Man" as olfactory onomatopoeia to describe the worst sort of science fiction fan, but I am responsible for its current high level of popularity.

Does the definition of smelly include those who reek of beer (and have their pants unbuttoned).

Does it seem the disadvantaged -- whether by their individual inborn nature or by collective defective situation -- might be more economical to deal with by taking turns giving time, instead of giving taxes -- volunteer labor 1 day a week = get a tax break?
or is that just me?

San Francisco Public Library Hires Social Worker To Help with Homeless, -- Library Journal, 1/11/2010

* May be first full-time psychiatric social worker at a library

* Comments on article critical

* Reviews of library mostly positive, however

The San Francisco Public Library, like other urban libraries facing challenges posed by people using the building as drop-in center, has hired a social worker.

As LJ contributor Charles London reports, in a January 2010 feature headlined When Service Matters:

In San Francisco, the library has taken a one-of-a-kind step to address the needs of patrons in crisis. SFPL is not facing as severe a financial collapse as other city agencies, thanks to a forward-thinking ballot initiative that guarantees a portion of property tax revenue to the library and was renewed for 15 years in 2007, right before the economic downturn. ...

Or not ... don't clasp hands, just throw money at problems.

There is one section in the TRIMET CODE that could apply:

28.15(7) Noxious Fumes or Foul-Smelling Materials or Substances: No person shall carry aboard a District Vehicle any substance or material emitting a foul smell or releasing noxious fumes.

That substance could most certainly all sorts of things that people "carry aboard" on their person.

You gotta remember that its a huge ordeal to remove someone from the bus. Everybody on that bus gets held up, usually for the police to arrive.

Then there are the reports, the late schedule, etc etc.

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