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Monday, February 1, 2010

Another great cop story by Maxine Bernstein

And it gets another weekend burial from her editors. Posted on late Friday afternoon, and left to languish into Saturday -- the lowest internet readership of the week. Yeah, they ran it on the bottom of the front page, but on a Saturday, when it would have gotten a much greater readership on Sunday, or even Monday.

Anyway, now it's Monday morning, and you should read it, here. It may help you get ready to process the saga of the latest fatal shooting by the Portland police.

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I'm surprised the story leaves readers to put together that one of the officers he is saying should be taken off the street is Chris Humphreys. That guy is the one who killed James Chasse and then later shot with a beanbag gun a 12 year old girl on a MAX platform. Seems relevant to the story.

Does PPB offer civilian ride alongs? Many of you would be well served to go on one if they do.

I did several while I was working in juvenile probation. Very eye opening.

mp97303 - Why are you suggesting 'ride-alongs'? I fail to see how that addresses PPB incompetence/in-fighting/and the 'look at me' tactics of an obvious attention whore. I'll go you one further BoJack. Bernstein is usually top-notch, but notice how that article is just a mess? Completely indecipherable? I was really disappointed with her coverage. Said as much in comments too.

Clearly she jumped all over the possibility that a good cop was getting kicked around. Only to find out there was no 'good cop'. In the end the whole piece feels like a 'hands thrown in the air' kind of affair.

I thought the moral of the story was quite clear: Any cop who questions authority within the bureau on any matter, particularly any issue anywhere near police brutality charges, is going to be banished to an unpleasant assignment.

This time I hate being right.

Brennan's case is another example of the utter failure of civilian oversight of our police bureau.

His email Subject: Dereliction of Duty + Maxine's story should trigger a public inquiry into Sizer and Reese's decision to transfer / demote him.

As police commissioner, Dan Saltzman is our elected and paid representative to coordinate civilian oversight of the police. Ironically it would be an opportunity for he and Scott Westerman to work together.

I doubt they'll do it - they don't see the opportunity of a common goal, the value of check and balance, of mutual disagreement forging a better policy.

Veteran that he is, Officer Brennan will understand this:

Officer Brennan is a fine and honest peace officer. He has earned the respect and admiration of all those he serves and works with. His overtime was hard earned and well deserved. He is a straight shooter whose primary interests are what is best for the City and its citizens. "Tell that to the Marines."

"(the investigation) found Sgt. Nice acted completely and absolutely professionally, and there was no basis for Officer Brennan's complaint."

Is that the same way Officer Nice acted when Chasse was demolished on the concrete?
Completely and absolutely professionally?After all, the three-year investigation found that they had all been good boys and acted strictly within policy guidelines.(Other than the small matter of no ambulance transfer following taser use, when an ambulance transfer would probably have saved the guy's life....
but somehow the small matter of no ambulance transfer was a minor thing, drawing the unbearable punishment of just two weeks vacation).

Oh, and "oil levels being monitored" says everything, but everything, about the PPB culture of leadership.

I wish Officer Brennan the very best of luck. It sounds like he will need it.

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