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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Adams on Campbell killing: "I'm handling this"

Here's the mayor's reassuring response to the latest fatal police shooting of an unarmed resident -- once again in the back.

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You do realize his support for openness requires another 3 staffers to generate blog/twitter/facebook memes?

Reminds me of the old Benny Hill bit where he is explaining the accidental killing he committed: "I was cleanin' me fingernails ... with a bread knife ... and he run onto it ... three times ... backwards."

"Lena gets her son ready
for school
She says now on these streets
You got to understand the
Promise me if an officer stops you'll
allways be polite
Never ever run away and
promise momma you'll keep your hands in

Cause is it a gun?
Is it a
Is it a wallet?
This is your
It ain't no secret
It ain't no
The secret my friend
You can get
killed just for living in your American
--Bruce Springsteen

Homeland Security should nvestigate terrorism in Portland.

Of course, Adams could step up to the plate and take over the police bureau as nearly all mayor's in the history of PDX. But he won't, because all he cares about is politics, and there's nothing worse in PDX for a politician than a police controversy.

I'll bet if the PPB had some hot interns running around the place he'd take an interest...

Consider the audience that Adams tries to court and support, and his response (and method) will make sense. Handling tough issues like a police bureau shooting is more than he can handle.

In other words, Adams thinks being a mayor (city council member) is about policy, projects, and publicity. Real decisions and actions, things with a lot of political risk and serous human consequences, are beyond both his ability and his interest.

Which, when you pause and consider it, is frightening.

truly sickening--nothing good gonna come from this.

That whole transparency part is HILARIOUS!

Cops have long used "drop guns" to justify shootings, sounds like some one needs a "drop bike" to insure a lot of angst and attention when the next shooting is not labeled unarmed,but "Man on Bike Shot by Police!"
Then Justice will be swift and sure!

Opening the Grand Jury testimony to the public is, I hope, only used in this case. To make it precedent ties into what the police union president said on the news last week, that it will make people fearful to come forward in cases of gang or drug violence, for fear of retribution. Mayor Adams is once again looking only at a short-term, politically correct solution to appease a few people, and not at the ramifications of his decision.

now that our Mayor Kiddie Diddler has had a
year to overcome his proclivities towards
grooming barely legal-aged teenage boys for
sex, it's great to realize he's back in the
saddle and "handling things". of course, it
remains to be understood just what "things"
he is "handling" given his past...(wink! wink!)

Closely watching! I love it.

Adams should watch the movie "Closely Watched Trains." Then he can closely watch a preview of the totality of the train wreck that his leadership is headed for.

I would love to see a photograph of Mayor McCreepy's staff. It would be so interesting to see what percentage of said staff is male, under 30 and goodlooking.....

I'm starting to think that these guys actually believe that making a statement qualifies as "doing something."

Did everybody catch that the cop who shot this kid in the back previously tasered a bystander who was video taping a police action. He claimed that he feared the video camera was going to be used as a weapon. Why was he still working as a cop after that one, let alone this one?

PDX Peggy -

The grand jury recordin and publication is a smokescreen by Scott Westerman, the PPB cop union President.

For almost a hundred yeras the feds have recorded, by court reporter, all grand jury testimony by gj witnesses, as well as all statements, comments and instructions to fed gjs by federal prosecutors (AUSAs).

When a criminal case goes to trial in federal court, the gj transcripts are all made available to defense counsel.

The feds seem to not have any of the multiple "horror stories" that Westerman and the rest of the thugs and their apologists predict.

Havin ben a fed prosecutor for 12 years, I know I never encountered it.

The thugs and their apologists are actually terrified that if their sworn testimony is recorded by a court reporter, thyeir lies would become readily apparent and perjury prosecutions (well, ok not by Schrunk) would follow.

There is of course an esay solution to that -- tell the truth.

It would be a radical departure for the PPB, and require a lot of re training, though.

Did everybody catch that the cop who shot this kid in the back previously tasered a bystander who was video taping a police action. He claimed that he feared the video camera was going to be used as a weapon.

Video cameras have often been used as weapons ... in court cases against cops. You can bet that the police are relieved that no videos exist of this event.

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